Living Awake Program 2022 with Satya & Sahaj 

"a thread of Love  to hold us Here Now "
REGISTRATIONS via: https://delightyoga.com/yoga-classes/living-awake-online-program-with-satya-katiza-and-kevin-sahaj
Our homes are the center where we live our life's, just where we are is where we like to invite our self's to be at ease, natural and free. The only way that we have to find peace and harmony is in the here and now where we are. Our bodies are our direct home and our home is a reflection of our mind. All of our reality is a reflection of this intimate indivisible connection, and this is the connection to everything that exists.

So lets start here where we are and make this real! The online connection gives us direct and easy ways to Be without having to move away of our realities or having to make great efforts to go somewhere. We allow this transformation to take place at Home. From the home the awakened life can spread to our direct relations, to our  communities and into the world.

Living Awake gatherings online community gives us a container and a support for each other, a thread of Love to lightly hold onto, allowing us more easy to live our real potential as an awaken human being  in the midst of everyday life.
We like to offer a daily practice of some movement practice and  a siting meditation, something simple and profound that any body can do it, something that will help us to connect us with our own body and the Earth planet, we will also love to invite you to have a daily journal, to allow your self to play and be an artist again.


We will start  with the  end of the year Satsang week with  Satya  starting 27th Dec until 2 Jan

following up with weekly gathering's  on Wednesday’s 4-5:30pm, "Self remembering“ :  move + sit and Be in Satsang

please see all dates for 2022  below


Living Awake gatherings will have  4 extra special meetings 4 times a year from 10:00- 12:30 and 15:00 to 17:30

SPRING EQUINOX MARCH 20 (Sunday .. but we will Start on 21 Monday  (because Essentials )


We like to invite you to follow All the Satsang weeks with Satya

and the Healing Yoga Spring and Autumn Journey with Sahaj,
we also have the Monthly Sangha Satsangs

and 2 more deep connecting Gatherings

-Meeting the Heart
-Meeting the Mind


Here all the gatherings : "Self remembering“ :  move + sit and Be in Satsang dates 2022 on Wednesday's: 
January: 5-12-19-26
February: 2
March: 9-16-23-30
May: 25
June: 1-8-15
September: 7-14-21-28
October: 5-12-19
November: 2-9
Dec: 14