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LIVING AWAKE GATHERINGS 2024 with Sahaj & Satya
a thread of love to hold is Here & Now

We are delighted to continue offering the Living Awake Program developed and guided by Satya and Sahaj. Living Awake is an online and live community-building ground of spiritual practice, enquiry and deep connection. Living Awake Program consists of regular Satsang with Satya (1.5 hour), regular Sahaja Meditations (energy practices and conscious movement)  with Sahaj (1.5-hour), Sahaj saturday morning (2 hour) energy practices and conscious movement instruction sessions and seasonal satsang weeks live and online. The living Awake Program sessions are designed to flow together and support each other as one container.

The living awake program will give us the support and ease in ourselves that we all so much need. It will help us to find the courage and relaxation to live our real potential as awakened human beings in the midst of the challenges of everyday life.

In 2024, Satya & Sahaj will dedicate their Living Awake program and gatherings to merging the living wisdom and sadhanas (spiritual practices) of Yoga, Tantra & Taoism, these wisdom rivers have only one goal: to bring us to the ocean of self-liberation. In their long years of guiding people, Satya & Sahaj have received many inquiries to help to clarify these streams where there is so much confusion and misunderstanding.
These ancient paths of Yoga, Tantra, Taoism are living traditions, they are the most remarkable accomplishments of human genius and surely the most fascinating creations and realisations of spiritual aspiration. They are India’s and China's mature answers to the universal question “Who am I?”—a question that, sooner or later, will dawn on any person looking into the mystery of life.

living awake

Format of the program 2024

We gather to create a year of transformation at Home. Our homes are the center of where we live our lives, where we would like to be at ease, natural, and free. Our bodies are our direct home, and our home is a reflection of our mind. All of our reality is a reflection of this intimate indivisible connection, a connection to everything that exists.

The only way to find peace and harmony is in the here and now, right where we are. So let's start right here where we are and make this real!

The Living Awake Program consists of:

  • regular weekly sessions of 1.5 hours Satsang with Satya. Online

  • regular weekly sessions of 1.5 hours Sahaj Darshan & Meditations Online

  • monthly SAHAJ OFFERING  of 2 hours:  with Sahaj. Online

  • Seasonal Week retreat Satsang of 7 days  at Pura Amrita land. Live & Online.


It is possible to join individual gatherings, but for commitment, regular support and community throughout the whole year, it is advised to join the Satsangs, Sahaja Meditations and Sahaj Offerings as regularly as possible. We offer a discount for membership (6 month membership)  to attend all sessions see below.

The online format gives us direct and easy ways to Be without having to move away from our realities or make great efforts to go somewhere. We allow this transformation to take place at Home. From our homes, the awakened life can spread to our direct relations, to our communities and into the world.

End and New year Winter Satsang 7days

December 28 2024 to January 3 2025

online time: 11:00 to 12:30 everyday


online one session: 15€

all week online: 85€

If you want to come online and for any reason cannot be present we will send you the recordings, let us know ✨🙏🏽✨

and for all those who sign in for the all week online all recordings are included they will be send everyday to you after Satsang.


at San Sion- Mallorca  registrations: 

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