Body + Heart + Mind.,
Your motivation to want know your self  and your total dedication to this process of going within, is the most important requirement to be part of the svadharma program. The svadharma program is for any one that is ready to enter and walk the path-less path of Yoga and for those who feel the call to become future teachers.

Svadharma "our true essence, in Sanskrit"  is a “yogic training” that Satya and Sahaj have been giving in collaboration with Delight Yoga since 2011. It is sacred ground to receive training, guidance, and practices to become a real yogi (one who’s life is dedicated to awakening). The training is an immersion in all aspects of yoga. Students will experience directly how all the yogic practices can be woven together for deep insights into yoga as living art and spiritual awakening, and it is from here that the true teacher arises. Our aim in this training is to put emphasis on all aspects of Yoga equally, not just its physical and therapeutic aspects. The Training is divided into 3 parts in a total of 550 + contact hours: Pre-TT "Essentials" 50 + hours,  Basic Training: "Body" 200+ hours, Advanced Studies: "Heart & Mind ", Yoga & Ayurveda, Yoga & Healing, Yoga & Mindfulness  300+hours. The Training in its totatility is an accredited Yoga Alliance 500 hours training.