Intensives allow the wisdom teachings to enter deeper within us, we start becoming familiar with all the layers of our existence. With pure awareness, the precious medicine for our soul, we can liberate the conditioned mind so we can awake to our real nature and live in true freedom.

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    A Summer Journey of Healing and Awakening with Sahaj

    6 |13 |20 |27 JUNE

  • Beyond: A 10 day Summer Home Retreat

    17-26 JULY

  • "Life Bliss" Chakra Healing

    ONLINE  Satya & Sahaj

    26-30 AUGUST

  • Essentials of Yoga

    21 days ~ONLINE~

    5-6/12-13/19-20/26-27 SEP.

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    Essentials of Yoga

    with Satya & Sahaj

    14-15 & 18-22 November


Mallorca Islas Baleares, Spain

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