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the Heart of Awareness

 the living garden of love 


28 DEC. 2024 to 4 JAN. 2025




An invitation to come to celebrate life together within the heart of living awareness.
Here we can rest at the very source of Peace, the ground of equanimity, and the only solid inner earth  from where all things come into manifestation in the silence symphony of nature.

In the heart of living awareness we know, we trust, and that awareness reveals its perfume of happiness.This living heart is the the original birthplace of all things, here a deep feeling of knowledge is born in which we can let ourselves go and flourish in our natural being as we are, trusting each breath.

A new year celebration in the tender, spacious, luminous and patient Heart of consciousness, a call to all who are ready for this eternal dance of life.


We are so much looking forward to welcome you to this very special immersion with Sahaj and Satya at Son Sion sanctuary retreat center in Mallorca to celebrate  the new year 2025 in sangha and communion with our innermost nature.

We are very grateful and happy to have found this sacred place created with dedication and love connecting the interior and exterior landscape in such an harmonious way. The owner María Sagreras a “proud Mallorquina” in soul and body for many generations, is fully dedicated to the exploration of nature both within and without. When you are at Son Sion you will feel it, she has created the home feeling inviting us to be at ease and inspire us through her sensitive ways of connecting nature and living, In simplicity, beauty and openness, it provides us with the perfect base to immerse ourselves in our inner landscape where joy and celebration of life can spontaneously flourish.

We had for a while the feeling that we wanted to offer an immersion at the end of the year in connection with the already 2 years on-going “ New Year Satsang week”, this will be the first one in Mallorca, where we will present the a full immersion-retreat and also will  be Satsang online as well (1.5hour a day) for those who are not part of the retreat.

We will have space for going deeper within ourselves, feeling the unconditional support as an individual and sangha, the sacred ground where true meeting can flourish.

With the sadhana and meetings in Satsang and Darshan will be space to move towards the ‘deep rooted patterns” allowing them to  lose up, to be seeing and liberated, so the nature of who we are can be revealed.

In our ongoing sadhana of living awareness, we are living life truthfully and being fully present in our body- speech and mind. When we are empowered by supporting each other to manifest our full potentiality, we inspire others to also do so, spreading the fire of being in our homes and communities  The time we expend together is to reinforce our commitment to liberation and peace here and now on earth for us and all living beings.
Let’s celebrate and bring back heaven on earth!



28 Dec 2024  to 4 Jan 2025

Saturday 28 dec. arrival and start retreat
16:30-18:30 Welcome -grounding - -flowing -centering practice
19:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Meditation


Sunday 29 to Friday 3 Jan
07:00-08:00  Meditation

08:00 -09:00 Pranic Flow
09:15-10:15  Breakfast
11:30-13:00  Darshan
13:15-14:15  Lunch
16:30 -17:30  Satsang

17:30 -18:30  Meditation
19:00-20:00  Dinner
20:00-21:00  Meditation

Saturday 4 Jan

07:30 to 09:00 Meditation

9:00 Breakfast
10:30 checking-out



Bring your self totally

Because this retreat is a profound and intense journey into the deepest aspects of yourself, it is important that we know who you are and what are your intentions and needs before acceptance.

Participant needs to have done a retreat or course or study online or in person with Sahaj and Satya. If this is not the case they will need to have a private consultation and session with Satya before acceptance into the retreat.

Participants must be free of any medication used for treating depression, anxiety or any mental problems.

If you have any questions regarding these qualifications please feel free to contact us.



Rates Residential 7 nights & 8 days

+ Food and Lodge:

Share rooms: Euro 975 p/p

Teaching fee donation 700€ p/p


Payment terms:

- 300€ (non-refundable) deposit, payable upon registration

- 1.375€ payable by 28 October 2024

Please send us an email to apply for participating in this retreat. You will then receive all information on how to arrange the payments to secure your spot. 



Diseminado la Serra, 1315,


Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain


We are happy to assist you with your inquiry.
The fastest way for you to get all the information you need

Don’t hesitate to connect with us, you can email us:

Fom Palma de Mallorca Aiport

to Son Sion Sanctuary, we can assist with transportation.


- Walking shoes if you like to walk around
- Many layers, shawls/wraps/sweater
- Swimming gear
- Thermos/water bottle

Bed linen and towels for the bathroom are provided.

REGISTRATIONS & INFO send us an email to:

we are looking forward to welcome you here
in the living sanctuary of love "the heart of awareness"
celebrating the letting go of what needs to go and receiving
what wants to come


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