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The holy company of two, three, or more meeting in Truth with open hearts, resting in pure awareness the essence beyond all forms. The gathering and the community of people committed to awake to our true essence.The spiritual family of brothers and sisters with whom we share the same way towards an awakening to our true nature. Those beings that support us and help us to stay in the midst of all struggles of life so we can embody the natural and truthful being in us and the supportive environment that allows us to grow and feel free so we can allow our self to fully unfold in our awaken nature. Sangha the family we all are.


Our dear community Sangha Delight Yoga our child, our family our home, we have been part of this wonderful Sangha from the beginning, most of our teaching takes part here, we are fully involved in giving guidance and helping the healthy growth of the Sangha. We call it a refuge for the soul in the midst city of life.


Our home of the unseen reality of this world a sacred and direct lineage to the awaken mind, we are so blessed to be part of this community and heart family on earth, we are been ask to support and protect this sacred site in Nepal, and we are humbly part of it for the benefit of all sentient beings on earth.


The Dzogchen Community of Chogyal Namkai Norbu Rinpoche has been one of the most important places on earth to take refuge and nurture our self we are happy to share with all that are looking for true refuge and support in their awakening pilgrimage to the awakened mind.

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