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Pura Amrita Land

The nectar of yoga and the simplicity of life itself. A life of Truth, Simplicity, and Love, pure Wisdom, and natural liberation spontaneously arise like the rising Sun. A sacred place in the world where all of our teachings come together. We extract the essence and we share the nectar of yoga and life with all of those who come to spend time with us here. 

At Pura (sacred place) Amrita (nectar) we can rest from our false identification, relax, meet our true nature and allow the wisdom teachings to be heard so that the re-alignment with our true nature can be revealed.

This Land in Mallorca, Spain, came to us in 2016. We were not really looking for a place, but we both felt intimately at home here. All the elements and pranic energy feel perfectly balanced.  This was another perfect date of the Universe arranged for us. Everything directed us to come there and all was unfolded effortlessly. We have been getting all support we need to open this sacred space for service. We do not have a plan. We always say it is "doing us". So we tune in, listen, and follow the unfolding moment to moment. 

It is our main residency, a sweet simple small cabin, the original little 'Finca', farmers weekend home. The land is slowly coming back to life. More than 70 almond trees have come to full life after 25 years of sleep with no one to take care of them. The land is happy and blossoming and we are full of gratitude to take care of this precious ground and serve the Earth.

One of the major teachings we learned from our masters was to live life in simplicity and serve others. We learned so much about the way they live life by being in their environments near their home, and we came to receive teachings in their home, so direct so simple so human. This inspired us to follow the same way from the home we share, and we will see how it all develops. Until now it has been great teaching to fully open our minds, listen, allow, so much help is coming to us and it makes us more and more humble. We now have this unshakable trust in life, it always been there but now all is manifesting from this absolute trust.

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