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Living awareness Foundation provides guidance, support and empowerment in the individual and community through online teachings, retreats and individual meetings.
The foundations activities are to support the natural unfolding nature of awakening from the individual persona to the individual impersonal, each to their own unique  and open way to find truth, freedom, creativity  and meaning in their lives so they can support themselves, the community and the environment in happiness, health, wholeness, and integrity.

We are essentially a service to guide and support the development of the highest potential of human consciousness. The techniques and teachings that Sahaj and Satya share are based on methods from various wisdom traditions and our own personal experience.

Living Awareness foundation is non sectarian and open to everyone.

Our Story

Living Awareness Foundation ~ born in July 2023

It is becoming more clear that the energy of foundation is already strongly rooted and is now asking for a (legal) body/structure and a clear organization so we can meet the needs of people and give them support in these changing times through the Living Awareness teachings. This is in a way which drives the foundation (mission). The foundation has been called into life:

to make the Living Awareness teachings accessible to everybody; everybody can live an awakened life, live in awareness, and build an online community.


The foundation expresses itself in different ways, offering a thriving community, an online vibrant portal to connect with the Living Awareness Teachings, through online programs/courses, live retreats Living in Awareness, live and online satsangs, recordings, art, film/photography  


Pura Amrita, being the ground of the teachings, is a living example of Living Awareness and a source of inspiration

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