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we are the living garden of love 


28 DEC. 2024 to 4 JAN. 2025




Grounding, flowing, centering, loving, opening, blossoming, being, radiating, embracing it all as the expression of the unfolding of our true essence and potential as an awake human.

We stop playing separation, and the YES to life happens, it allows the inner alchemy to take place. This is the Outer, Inner and Secret Yoga that vibrates lovingly and knowingly through us when we are open.

That what is and always has been: life is, i am life, now is , now i am. Our separation melts with our recognition of what we truly are

Welcome to this very unique and special first independent immersion retreat from Sahaj and Satya at D’alijo Retreat centre. We invite all dedicated students -friends of presence- and any one who feels ready to dive deeper in the wisdom of Yoga & Tantra that lives within us, waiting to awaken.  
For decades we have been giving teachers trainings and collaborating in the yoga world in many ways to transmit the wisdom teachings of the ancient traditions. But now is an evolution, we are taking a leap into space, moving beyond the ways we used teach and embracing fully the deeper teachings of yoga & tantra as the next step for those who feel the call.
These are  immersion retreats, they give us the space to explore and to experiment together in a subtle and profound process. We are awakening, harmonizing and tuning our life energy (Prana) towards the integration of our total being towards our full potential in the awakened state.  It is a delicate and ancient journey, done in the past mainly by yogis-and mystics under special life conditions.  Now it is the needed medicine for modern human beings living normal lives in the world to also awaken with the methods of Yoga and Tantra.  We can be the creators of a new way of being in the world, fully connected with nature and ourselves. This is the way forward in these challenging times.
We will be exploring the inseparable dance of body, heart and mind with the ancient methodology and techniques from the tantric approach to yoga, giving us access to re-align our selves to our inner-knowing and true wisdom that is in each one of us.  This is the real source of fulfillment, joy and creativity.
Health is one and sicknesses are infinite… our nature is to be healthy and sane in all aspects of life. Join us in this magical immersion together!



28 Dec 2024  to 4 Jan 2025

Saturday 28 dec. arrival and start retreat
16:30-18:30 Welcome -grounding - -flowing -centering practice
19:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Meditation


Sunday 29 to Friday 3 Jan
07:00-08:00  Meditation

08:00 -09:00 Pranic Flow
09:15-10:15  Breakfast
11:30-13:00  Darshan
13:15-14:15  Lunch
16:30 -17:30  Satsang

17:30 -18:30  Meditation
19:00-20:00  Dinner
20:00-21:00  Meditation

Saturday 4 Jan

07:30 to 09:00 Meditation

9:00 Breakfast
10:30 checking-out



Bring your self totally

Because this retreat is a profound and intense journey into the deepest aspects of yourself, it is important that we know who you are and what are your intentions and needs before acceptance.

Participant needs to have done a retreat or course or study online or in person with Sahaj and Satya. If this is not the case they will need to have a private consultation and session with Satya before acceptance into the retreat.

Participants must be free of any medication used for treating depression, anxiety or any mental problems.

If you have any questions regarding these qualifications please feel free to contact us.



Rates Residential 7 nights & 8 days

+ Food and Lodge:

Share rooms: Euro 920 p/p

registration deposit : Euro 300 (non refundable)


per student

Please send us an email to apply for participating in this retreat. You will then receive all information on how to arrange the payments.

Your registration will be final after paying the deposit of 300€.



Diseminado la Serra, 1315,


Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain


We are happy to assist you with your inquiry.
The fastest way for you to get all the information you need

Don’t hesitate to connect with us, you can email us:

Fom Palma de Mallorca Aiport

to Son Sion Sanctuary, we can assist with transportation.


- Walking shoes if you like to walk around
- Many layers, shawls/wraps/sweater
- Swimming gear
- Thermos/water bottle

Bed linen and towels for the bathroom are provided.

REGISTRATIONS & INFO send us an email to:

we are looking forward to welcome you here
in the living sanctuary of love "the heart of awareness"
celebrating the letting go of what needs to go and receiving
what wants to come


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