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the feminine voice is rising

She comes from the depth and She is loud.

She is the Bell

BELL GATHERING with Ida Resi & Sahaj and Satya


30 November

10:30am to 12:30pm

price: 25€


The Bell will come to life as  Ida Resi will share with us her ancient  and recent life with the Bell, how she spoke to her and invited her to find her voice, sharing with us the ways to meet the Bell, from our soul level and take us beyond.

We will all gather in presence and enter together the field or the depth where we reconnect and remember the voice of silence, we let the bell guide us, we open up to listening from pure being,  allowing silence to be present, the knowing and trust becomes a tangible body.

This meeting will be a way to reconnect to those who where in Bali with us last year in WINTER 2023 and for those who have met Ida Resi before and to those who want to meet her now. This is also a great opportunity to meet the 3 of us sharing the dharma together as we live in the same ground as dharma holders. and dharma protectors. 

This meeting will be a great introduction for those who are interested and want to come to Bali winter retreat ""SOUL & BEYOND"" please see more about the winter retreat in Bali here: 


The Bell is the most commonly used of all musical instruments in tantric Hindu and Buddhist ritual. The sound made by the bells is regarded as very auspicious and is believed to drive out evil spirits from where the ritual is being performed. When the bell is being used with the dorje or vajra its use is varied depending on the ritual or the mantras being chanted. During meditation ringing the bell represents the sound of Buddha teaching the dharma and symbolizes the attainment of wisdom and the understanding of emptiness. Shunyata, all is empty and dependent, nothing is independent though nothing is not connected to the other. So is Self. During the chanting of the mantras the Bell and Dorje are used together in a variety of different ritualistic ways to represent the union of the male and female principles.


The hollow of the bell represents the void from which all phenomena arise, including the sound of the bell, and the clapper represents form. Together they symbolize wisdom (emptiness) and compassion (form or appearance). The sound, like all phenomena, arises, radiates forth and then dissolves back into emptiness.

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