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PURA AMRITA NEWSLETTER August 2023 after delight LIVING AWARENESS is all there is

Namaste dear ones, Here we are slowly returning after a summer of great intensity and changes, with a blossoming heart grounded in gratitude and nectarean richness that has being waiting for this now-ness. We are so ready to open up to life even more than ever, allowing the unbounded sharing to start pouring out of us without any boundaries for the benefit of all beings. Many of you are wondering how we will continue … well as you know us the “no plan plan” master plan of flowing in presence has always been the way, simply we continue in silent movement, adjusting to the circumstances, clearing space and saying yes to all what is needed. There is only continuation and no-thing to dramatic really has happened, after the death of delight yoga we felt some how liberated, as a weight as fall away from us, now is the nakedness of the being "living awareness foundation” was born in July and we want to call the sangha “amigos de la presencia” ( friends of presence) this is the way we like to live life and share with you all. The Living Awareness Foundation From September 6th we will continue offering the Living Awake program to keep supporting the process of embodiment of awakening to our true nature, with the wisdom teachings of Tantra & Yoga in weekly Satsang and monthly Darshan , and two Seasonal Satsang weeks intensive coming up in October & December and so much more. Click for more information and booking

UPCOMING SHARING AND TEACHINGS WITH SATYA & SAHAJ to support and inspire living awareness in everyday life you can always follow the last updated calendar at: Here are the highlight of all the up coming events: LIVING AWAKE SATSANG AND DARSHAN: SEASONAL SATSANG WEEK RETREATS with Satya LIVE AND ONLINE AUTUMN and WINTER 2023 We will keep the gate open at Pura Amrita for this experiment of the week Satsang’s to all students that feel they want to be in live presence. The only requirement is to stay for the whole week and to have followed teachings with us and have attend Satsang before. The way is simple, you can send us an email to with your interest and motivation to participate and we show you the way further. there is a limited capacity of only 20 people so book in advance. Autumn Satsang week 23rd to 29th October / - ONLY ONLINE OPTION (Attending live option for autumn retreat in Mallorca is fully booked online option always available!) End and New year Winter Satsang week 27th December to 2nd January more info at: 2024 WINTER RETREAT "SOUL & BEYOND" with Satya,Sahaj and Ida Resi in Bali from 9-15 February 2024 : 2024 EASTER RETREAT "MOKSHA - DIE BEFORE YOU DIE” with Sahaj & Satya 28 March 4 April 2024 : “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you Here” within eternal Love Satya & Sahaj

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