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"The word "Pura" means a sacred space "temple" in Sanskrit language and in Spanish means "Pure", "Amrita" means the nectar of immortality. It's the nectar that is present in all of living beings, the essence, the source of Life itself,  it becomes available in us when we allow our awaking nature to fully reveal itself and we are able to live life from Here and Now, in pure Presence, all spiritual teachings want to give us access to this nectar, that is what we call the  Nectar of Life, that means "LIVING AWARENESS", recognizing this essence we are home, we are whole.

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It is from this nectar- pure essence that we give birth to our body of teachings. We have been continuously blessed to have received guidance and teachings from authentic masters from many different traditions and cultures, that have given us great tools and practices. Spiritual practice is needed from time to time to remove the veils of ignorance and separation. The flower of pure being-ness is endlessly blossoming in us and it is from this richness, from all that we have learned and integrated into our own humble life, that we share this nectar of yoga, welcoming all those who are interesting in living an awakened life and guide others towards it.




Satya & Sahaj



60hrs Amsterdam
with Satya & Sahaj



with Satya & Sahaj



with Satya






with Satya & Sahaj

When sharing this Love, we show up fully, we open our heart's unconditionally, we let our heart spill out all over the place and offer the same space to everybody to do the same~ Satya & Sahaj


"a thread of Love  to hold us Now Here"


In 2023, Satya & Sahaj will dedicate their Living Awake program and gatherings to merging the living wisdom and sadhanas (spiritual practices) of Yoga & Tantra. These two wisdom rivers have only one goal: to bring us to the ocean of self-liberation. In their long years of guiding people, Satya & Sahaj have received many inquiries to help to clarify these streams where there is so much confusion and misunderstanding.

These ancient paths of Yoga & Tantra, which are sister traditions, are the most remarkable accomplishments of human genius and surely two of the most fascinating creations of spiritual aspiration. They are India’s mature answer to the universal question “Who am I?”—a question that, sooner or later, will dawn on any person looking into the mystery of life.

Once a month, the Living Awake program will be merged with the Monthly Satsang which will be dedicated to our Theme of the Month in collaboration and support of Delightyoga community.

Format of the program:
We gather to create a year of transformation at Home. Our homes are the center of where we live our lives, where we would like to be at ease, natural, and free. Our bodies are our direct home, and our home is a reflection of our mind. All of our reality is a reflection of this intimate indivisible connection, a connection to everything that exists.

The only way to find peace and harmony is in the here and now, right where we are. So let's start right here where we are and make this real!

The Living Awake Program consists of:

  • regular weekly sessions of 1.5 hours: Living Awake Satsang with Satya (Special classes bookable through our regular schedule two weeks in advance at delightyoga schedule.

  • monthly workshops of 2 hours: "Darshan" on Shiva Moon with Sahaj (workshops bookable through our workshop page od delightyoga.

It is possible to join individual gatherings, but for regular support and community throughout the whole year, it is advised to join both the Satsangs as well as the Darshan workshops as regularly as possible.

The online format gives us direct and easy ways to Be without having to move away from our realities or make great efforts to go somewhere. We allow this transformation to take place at Home. From our homes, the awakened life can spread to our direct relations, to our communities and into the world. Information


July 8 to August 10 2023

A pilgrimage to the core of who we really are, our nature, energy and essence


We are dedicated to supporting you in your personal growth so you can feel the joy of being. For the third year in a row we will come together for the Delight Summer Retreat at D’Alijo Retreat Center in Portugal. Here we will offer three inspirational retreats to go deeper into your yoga practice, heart connection and meditation. You will also enjoy a communal experience with a
like minded group of people who are focused on finding a deeper and more meaningful connection to themselves and life.

In today world, we are constantly bombarded with external stimuli and distractions, and it's easy to become disconnected from ourselves, our true nature, and what`s truly important in life. The Delight Summer Retreat offers you the unique opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, live close to nature and tune in to your innermost being. The summer camp is a time to be free of distractions and focus on yourself in a beautiful and peaceful natural environment.

At the heart of the Summer retreats is the practice and wisdom of yoga, which offers an ancient and powerful way to connect with yourself on a deep level. By practicing yoga in a retreat setting close to nature and away from the distractions of daily life, you can dive deeper into your practice and access a level of clarity and peace that might be harder to achieve otherwise.

But the Delight Summer Retreat is about much more than just yoga. It`s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all seeking to reconnect with themselves and live from the heart. When we come together with others who are on a similar path, we can find a sense of belonging and support that can be difficult to find in the outside world. We can also learn from each other and be inspired by each others journeys. By living close to nature in the retreats we can regain connection to the wisdom and guidance of the natural world, waking us to the wonder that is nature and that we are a part of this beautiful world not separate from it.

The Delight Summer Retreat is led by Satya and Sahaj and consists of three 10-day retreats l that are named “The Body”, “The Heart” and “The Mind”. Each retreat has its own focus bringing you a profound opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation. You can participate in one retreat or stay for the summer and do all three. Each retreat is carefully designed by Satya and Sahaj based on a lifetime of teaching experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds. The retreats are designed to support you to walk your own path towards the joy of being and to establish in you a healthy, balanced life in deep connection to your inner life and your outer world.

more information:



"When we find true wisdom, all these questions we have such as What is our role? or 'What is our dharma? all these fade away, because the strength of the heart, the strength of the true mind is such that we know.  It is the fountain of pure wisdom.  It knows where and how we are going to use this energy in the right way. The beauty of landing here is that you know."~ Satya

Water: from the water we learn purity and good taste of tastelessness. As water is sweet and pure so is our true self. We should manifest sweetness and purity in our conduct, that's why water is our Guru.

Earth: from the earth we learn patience, forgiveness, supporting others without expectation of gratitude we have learned from our Guru the earth.

Wind: the wind blows everywhere, over the flower-beds, deserts, markets, palaces, and prisons, without being attached to any one of them, without preference or dislike. So we go everywhere giving blessings of peace, without attachments to anyone.

Space: On all-pervading space there exist clouds stars planets, dust-storms, and so on, but is not touched by any of them. So is our true nature which pervading in all bodies of men and animals, and all of creation is untainted by any of them.

Moon: The moon is perfect, in spite of its waning and waxing, which doesn't exist in it, so our true nature ever perfect, in spite of its seeming imperfections, the moon teaches us that.

Sun: As the sun through its rays absorbs water from the earth only to give it back in a cool and pure form, so a self-realized human being take things from the world, not for its own self, but to give them back in a richer and better form, that is what the sun teaches us.

And from the arrow maker, we learn the value of concentration, that no external object or event can disturb us. 

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