Pura Amrita

"The word "Pura" means a sacred space "temple" in Sanskrit language and in Spanish means "Pure", "Amrita" means the nectar of immortality. It's the nectar that is present in all of living beings, the essence, the source of Life itself,  it becomes available in us when we allow our awaking nature to fully reveal itself and we are able to live life from Here and Now, in pure Presence, all spiritual teachings want to give us access to this nectar, that is what we call "The Nectar of Yoga", the final destination of all teachings.

The Nectar of Yoga

It is from this nectar- pure essence that we give birth to our body of teachings. We have been continuously blessed to have received guidance and teachings from authentic masters from many different traditions and cultures, that have given us great tools and practices. The spiritual practice is needed from time to time to remove the veils of ignorance and separation. The flower of pure being-ness is endlessly blossoming in us and it is from this richness, from all that we have learned and integrated into our own humble life, that we share this nectar of yoga, welcoming all those who are interesting in living an awaken life and guide others towards it.

Satya & Sahaj

"We did not learn from one particular source, but from many teachers, each source of knowledge being our 'Guru' (the one that removes the darkness of ignorance). "Of all our gurus the following are worthy of sharing: Water, Earth, Wind, Space, Moon, Sun, the Sea, and the Arrow maker..."  from The Avadhuta Gita."~Satya &Sahaj


Svadharma "our true essence" is a “yogic training” that Satya and Sahaj give in collaboration with Delight Yoga since 2011. This Summer 2021 for first time we will offer all the 3 programs of Svadharma: Body + Heart + Mind at D'alijo Portugal, as an answer to this times of great need to support the awakening of our humanness and concentrate travelings so we can meet in our "essence of being" together.

A sacred ground to receive  guidance, and practices to become a living yogi (one who’s life is dedicated to awakening). The program is an immersion in all aspects of yoga. Students will experience directly how all the yogic practices can be woven together for deep insights into yoga as living art and spiritual awakening, and it is from here that the true teacher arises. Our aim in this trainings is to put emphasis on all aspects of Yoga equally, not just its physical and therapeutic aspects. The Training is divided into 3 parts ; Body + Heart + Mind and they can be enter not in a linear way, but any one at any time. Your motivation to want know your self  and your total dedication to this process of going within, is the most important requirement to be part of the svadharma program. The svadharma program is for any one that is ready to enter and walk the path-less path of Yoga and for those who feel the call to become future teachers.

"When we find true wisdom, all these questions we have such as What is our role? or 'What is our dharma? all these fade away, because the strength of the heart, the strength of the true mind is such that we know.  It is the fountain of pure wisdom.  It knows where and how we are going to use this energy in the right way. The beauty of landing here is that you know."~ Satya

Water: from the water we learn purity and good taste of tastelessness. As water is sweet and pure so is our true self. We should manifest sweetness and purity in our conduct, that's why water is our Guru.

Earth: from the earth we learn patience, forgiveness, supporting others without expectation of gratitude we have learned from our Guru the earth.

Wind: the wind blows everywhere, over the flower-beds, deserts, markets, palaces, and prisons, without being attached to any one of them, without preference or dislike. So we go everywhere giving blessings of peace, without attachments to anyone.

Space: On all-pervading space there exist clouds stars planets, dust-storms, and so on, but is not touched by any of them. So is our true nature which pervading in all bodies of men and animals, and all of creation is untainted by any of them.

Moon: The moon is perfect, in spite of its waning and waxing, which doesn't exist in it, so our true nature ever perfect, in spite of its seeming imperfections, the moon teaches us that.

Sun: As the sun through its rays absorbs water from the earth only to give it back in a cool and pure form, so a self-realized human being take things from the world, not for its own self, but to give them back in a richer and better form, that is what the sun teaches us.

And from the arrow maker, we learn the value of concentration, that no external object or event can disturb us.